Netherthorpe history

This fascinating video is on YouTube. There is very little background information about it, just that it is a “Vintage film taken from a very old VHS copy. Crookesmoor, Netherthorpe and other Sheffield areas from many years ago.”.

Certainly, a lot of the film is unrecognisable to the Netherthorpe and surrounding areas that we know today, but the glimpse of Summer Street in Netherthorpe is very easy to associate with its modern appearance, although the buildings are all very different.

The video also features Martin Street, Fawcett Street and Stamforge Ltd. And there’s no mistaking Crookes Valley Park, with its boating lake.

I watched every frame of this video, it is an absolutely fascinating – and bleak in places – treasure trove of Sheffield and Netherthorpe history. I would love to know more about it.

Do you recognise Netherthorpe as it was in these videos? Do you recognise any of the children in the clips? Do you have any more information on when this was filmed, or what it was for? Would you like to share your memories of Netherthorpe? Get in touch!

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