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I have raved about the joys of Church: Temple of Fun before, but that was in terms of the food and the general vibe. Now, if you’re a parent in Sheffield looking for ways to keep your kids entertained over the Easter holidays, they have a whole lot going on.

Grab some tasty vegan food, get a drink, and let your kids watch some free movies (and you can sneak a peek too). Can you guess what the films are?

The school holidays are back, so that means our 12.30pm free family movies are too.

Can you guess what films we are showing this time from the clues below?

Bring your little ones for lunch, we have kids meal deals available for £7.50.

– April 4th: Set in an Australian rainforest inhabited by fairies. One fairy shrinks a young logger kid to their size, then together they rally the other fairies and animals of the forest to protect it from harm.
– 5th: The first animated film from a hugely popular Japanese franchise featuring pocket monsters. Gotta catch ’em all.
– 6th: An elderly widower and young boy, go on a journey via lots of balloons to South America.
– 7th: The story of a fox, and his spree of thefts that results in his family, and community, being hunted down by three farmers.
– 8th: A film about the adventures of an Ogre trying to reclaim his swamp.
– 11th: A modern live action and animated retelling of a beloved rabbit who likes getting in to mischief.
– 12th: Easter has arrived for the animals that live in the 100 acre wood.
– 13th: A set of prehistoric mammal pals launch a new egg-sitting service, but when a pirate bunny steals the egg, the gang have to go off on a daring rescue mission which turns into the worlds first egg hunt.
– 14th: The film follows a young rabbit who would rather drum in a band than succeed his father as the Easter Bunny.
– 15th: The original film that brings to life the worlds most magical chocolate factory and its eccentric owner.

Find out more on their Facebook event page.

Image Credits: Philippa Willitts.

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